After another week of our exciting lives surrounded by children, Kaleb and Dan return to their computers and talk in the 3rd Episode of Parents Press Play! This week we talk about “Whatcha Been up to,” Things we have been Watching, Tech we are playing on, Stuff we have been Reading, the latest Video Game News, “What the Heck!?!?,” What we have been Listening to, and the “Band of the Week.”

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In our introductory “Whatcha Been Up To,” Dan recounts his tale of putting up their household crib for the first time in over ten years. Dan also has a full post about this story here.

Kaleb talks about the the upcoming Sonic Lost World coming to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. You can read his full “First Look” preview here. You can view the reveal trailer here.


Kaleb also chimes in about the local Hawaiian Falls Water Park with 5 locations close to the DFW Area. This is a family friendly Water Park. You can learn more about this by going to their website.



Dan’s kids have had him busy watching Dora Rocks and Bubble Guppies Sunny Days.  He wrote about the Dora DVD here and the Bubble Guppies DVD here. Listen to the podcast to hear him rage about price versus content.


Meanwhile, Kaleb and his wife, Emily, were able to go out to see Star Trek Into Darkness. We talk about the movie without spoilers. After the movie, Emily geeked out by watching all of the original Star Trek Films! Yes, even the bad ones!


In our “Reading” portion of the show, Dan talks about some books his kids are reading. First up is Howl’s Moving Castle. He also speaks about The Lost Stories: Book 11 of Ranger’s Apprentice.


After talking The end of the Spider-Man last week, Kaleb recounts the events of the Green Lantern in The New 52 up through the amazing conclusion of the 64 page Issue 20.


Moving to our “Tech” section, Kaleb talks about his experiences with the Samsung Google Chromebook.


In our “Video Game News,” Dan and Kaleb discuss the Rayman Legends, for the PlayStation Vita and Sony streaming their upcoming E3 Press Conference onto the Vita screen.


We discuss the release of FUSE on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms. FUSE is the new IP from Insomniac Games who are best known for the Ratchet and Clank series.


Nintendo is also having their Wii U and Nintendo 3DS E3 titles playable at Best Buy locations across the US and Canada. To find the Best Buy nearest you, that is hosting the E3 Nintendo games, visit their site. Nintendo is currently scheduled to have the games available from 4-8 PM, local time, on Wednesday, June 12, and 1-5 PM, local time, on Saturday, June 15.


In this Week’s What the Heck!?!?, Microsoft is ready to use the Xbox One to make TV less boring and give you achievements for watching shows and commercials.



Moving to the “Listen” section, Dan tells us more about his Ireland trip, Depeche Mode’s new  album: Delta Machine, and the upcoming Depeche Mode concert he is going to.

Finally, Dan introduces us to Poplock Holmes and his song Monster Hunters. You can view his website here.

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By Kaleb Rutherford


Kaleb Rutherford has had a passion and love of Games and Technology since he came out of the womb. From his earliest memories, he has always loved using the latest technologies and have been gaming since the Commodore 64.

In 1997, Kaleb started CVGames and since then ttended and covered a variety of different events for the public including PAX, QuakeCon, E3, and many others. With over 20 E3 events covered, there isn't much that surprises Kaleb anymore in the industry as he has seen it all.

Kaleb is married to Emily and they have been together over 20 years. They have 4 boys who share a passion and love for technology and gaming as well.

Kaleb started Parents Press Play to begin podcasting and reaching a more casual segment of the world that tends to have coverage dominated by by "Hardcore," or "Core players. CVGames still exists to cover that section of users.

Combining CVGames and Parents Press Play together, Kaleb created CVGN: The Covering Video Games Network. While world domination is unlikely, our passionate team continues to strive to inform the different audiences with content we are passionate about.