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Parents Press Play Episode 7

by Kaleb Rutherford


Welcome to Episode 7 of Parents Press Play. This week Kaleb and Michael are talking Games we are Playing, Things we are Watching, Tech we are Playing With, The latest News, our What the Heck!?!? segment, & Band of the week.

Kaleb talks about seeing Monsters University two times and what he thought about the movie after seeing it each time.


Kaleb talks about Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers and gives some background on the game and series. This is a title from GOG.com.



In our first News Story of the week, we talk about Don Mattrick leaving Xbox to be the the head of Zynga and possible reasons why.

Michael tells us about Grand Theft Auto V and the mandatory installs needed for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and if this is a sign of things to come for the next generation of consoles.


In our last news story of the week, Kaleb talks about the Ewoks joining the cast of companions for Star Wars the Old Republic and the potential of Jar Jar’s Great Great Great Great Grandpa joining as a companion in the future.

Kaleb talks about the Monoprice Mechanical keyboard he reviewed at CVGames.



Michael tells us about the new Nest Thermostat he installed at the house he just moved into.

In our What the Heck!?!? segment, we talk about the most expensive preorder of all time. $190,000 expensive!!


Finally, our Band of the Week is Powerglove and we play their “Gotta Catch Em All (Pokemon)” from their “Saturday Morning Apocalypse” album.

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Until next time, Keep Pressing Play!

By Kaleb Rutherford

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