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Parents Press Play 105: Back to the Future

by Kaleb Rutherford
Parents Press Play 105: Back to the Future

Welcome to Episode 105 of Parents Press Play. This week, in Back to the Future, we have three Dads together to discuss the latest in the world of technology, entertainment, and videogames.

This week, Kaleb, @kahleeb on Twitter, Daniel, @ppmddad on Twitter, and Michael, @blitzz5 on Twitter, talk about The Force Awakens, Descent Underground, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, Minecraft: Story Mode, Sony Gold Wireless Headphones, Sony PS4 Media Remote, Fallout 4, Xbox One, NPD Figures, TV Shows, Chromebook, Google Maps, Youtube Red, Build a Bear, My Little Pony, & Back to the Future Day.

The Force Awakens New Trailer 

The Force Awakens Trailer mash-up trailer

Descent: Underground is available for backers via Early Access on Steam

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is now on Steam

Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 1

Sony Gold Wireless Headphones

Sony PS4 Media Remote

Fallout 4 PS4 & XB1 @ Best Buy
$84.99 includes the game, season pass, and fallout socks!?!? You get the season pass for $5 off with this deal and the socks are free!!

Let the madness begin! Black Friday Deal Leaks early from DELL

We don’t normally discuss NPDs (US Sales figures) but listen to these figures:
Sony has sold approximately 25.4 Million PS4’s worldwide
Microsoft has sold approximately 13.9 million XB1’s worldwide
Nintendo has sold approximately 10.3 million Wii U’s worldwide
Nintendo has also sold approximately 54.1 million 3DS’s worldwide
Sony has also also sold approximately 12.4 million Vitas worldwide

The Flash, The Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – new seasons? Gotham?
Did Constantine air on the wrong network? The Executive Producer David S Goyer says yes.

Make your own Chromebook with Neverware for FREE!

Google Maps Bringing Stops along routes to Android in the next few weeks. Blog post detailing it–including gas prices searching.

Update your Google Maps. Download the updated Maps, for Android, now

Youtube Red Linked to Google Play Music

Build a Bear Builds Pokemon Pikachu in 2016

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 3 Movie Set review

How did you Celebrate Back to the Future (BttF) Day?
Kaleb: Pizza and Back to the Future 2 with the family and realizing that PG films had a lot more language in them in the 80’s….  

Michael J Fox Models the first ever Nike Self Lacing Shoes on BttF Day

In Sad BttF News, Sorry Cubs fans, no World Series this year 🙁

Toyota Creates Marty McFly’s Toyota Truck for BttF Day

Promo Video of the Truck

Siri joins in on BttF fun

Jimmy Kimmel with Marty McFly and Doc Brown

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Until next time, Keep Pressing Play!

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