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Parents Press Play 114: Diablo 3 Makes a Comeback

by Kaleb Rutherford
Parents Press Play 114: Diablo 3 Makes a Comeback

Welcome to Episode 114 of Parents Press Play. This week, in Diablo 3 Makes a Comeback, we have three Dads together to discuss the latest in the world of technology, entertainment, and videogames.

This week, Kaleb, @kahleeb on Twitter, Daniel, @ppmddad on Twitter, and Michael, @blitzz5 on Twitter, talk about Agents of Shield, Sesame Street, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Origin Subscription, Hitman, Amazon Prime, PS4, Diablo 3, Snoop Dogg, Oculus Rift, Wikipedia, Oscars, Mad Max, Poe Dameron, & Alan Rickman.

Agents of Shield getting another Spinoff

Sesame Street HBO Trailer

10 Cloverfield Lane
“Blood Relative” Sequel to Cloverfield filmed in secret and releasing in 2 months (Set in same world)

Origin subscription plan for PC’s

Hitman now episodic

Amazon Prime users now get 20% off new Video Game Releases

Upgrading PS4 Hard Drives

Diablo 3 patch talk

Snoop Dogg has no clue

Oculus Rift for $599?

Happy 15th Birthday Wikipedia

Oscars talk

George Miller wants to make two more Mad Max movies

Poe Dameron getting his own comic

Alan Rickman

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Until next time, Keep Pressing Play!

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