Welcome to Episode 131 of Parents Press Play & Friends. This week, in He’s Still Using Internet Explorer, we have two Dads, one Mom, and one Friend together to discuss the latest in the world of technology, entertainment, and videogames.

This week, Kaleb, @kahleeb on Twitter, Michael, @blitzz5 on Twitter, Christina, @brazenbell on Twitter, and new Co-Host Collin, @thebaldpastor, on Twitter, talk about: Star Trek, DOOM, Nintendo, Capcom, Ubisoft, Batman, Disney Finite, Pokemon Tournament, Yo Kai Watch 2, Gears of War 4 Beta, Project Spark, Oculus Rift, Star Trek Online, Ghostbusters, Prison Break, 24, MacGyver, Lethal Weapon, Tetris Movie, Angry Birds Movie, Pokemon GO, Nintendo Movies, PlayStation Now, Chrome, Chrome OS, Android Wear 2.0, Android N, Google I/O 2016, & 76ers. 

Coming Soon to Bittorrent: The New Star Trek!

Thoughts on DOOM from last week’s show. 

Further Proof Nintendo is Writing off 2016

Capcom’s View on Games is What is Wrong with the Industry Today…

Ubisoft’s View on the Future of Consoles

Batman: Return to Arkham Remasters first Two Arkham Games on 7/26/16

Disney Infinity 4.0 Should Have Been Released

Pokemon Tournament has outsold Street Fighter V on Consoles

Yo Kai Watch 2 Comes Out September 30 in the US

1.6 Million Unique Players Participated in Gears of War 4 Beta

Project Spark Canceled…. Wait, this was Released?

Oculus Rift Preorders Delayed, Coming to Best Buy

Star Trek Online Coming for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Ghostbusters Trailer 2, How many Dislikes will this one get?

Prison Break Returns to Fox in early 2017 & 24 Returns to Fox in Spring 2017

MacGyver is Returning

Lethal Weapon is Also Returning as a TV Show

A Tetris Movie?

Angry Birds Movie comes out this weekend. My kids are so excited for this film!

Pokemon GO is ready for Beta in North America at last!

Nintendo Planning to Return to Hollywood?

85 Kids Games Join PS Now

Google Chrome is Now the World’s #1 Browser

Google Ending Flash on Chrome by end of 2016

Android Apps Officially Coming to Chrome OS

Android Wear 2.0 Detailed

Android N Beta 1 Now Available

Big Announcements from Google I/O 2016

76ers First Team in NBA History to have Advertising Patch on Jerseys in actual games

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Kaleb Rutherford has had a passion and love of Games and Technology since he came out of the womb. From his earliest memories, he has always loved using the latest technologies and have been gaming since the Commodore 64.

In 1997, Kaleb started CVGames and since then ttended and covered a variety of different events for the public including PAX, QuakeCon, E3, and many others. With over 20 E3 events covered, there isn't much that surprises Kaleb anymore in the industry as he has seen it all.

Kaleb is married to Emily and they have been together over 20 years. They have 4 boys who share a passion and love for technology and gaming as well.

Kaleb started Parents Press Play to begin podcasting and reaching a more casual segment of the world that tends to have coverage dominated by by "Hardcore," or "Core players. CVGames still exists to cover that section of users.

Combining CVGames and Parents Press Play together, Kaleb created CVGN: The Covering Video Games Network. While world domination is unlikely, our passionate team continues to strive to inform the different audiences with content we are passionate about.