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Parents Press Play & Friends 151: I’m a Wildcard!

by Kaleb Rutherford
Parents Press Play & Friends 151: I’m a Wildcard!

Welcome to Episode 151 of Parents Press Play & Friends. This week, in I’m a Wildcard, we have one Dad, one Mom, and and one “Friend” together to discuss the latest in the world of technology, entertainment, and videogames.

This week, Kaleb, @kahleeb on Twitter, Christina, @brazenbell on Twitter, and Josh, @sil3ntv3lcro on Twitter, talk about Bethesda and industry review codes policies, Incredibles 2, Uber, Skryim Special Edition, Nintendo Switch, Last Guardian, Sony Pro Controllers, Game Deals, Playing Skyrim SE, Playing Battlefield 1, Playing PvZ Heroes, More Cloverfield, TV app, PlayStation Vue, Streaming DTV, Pokemon Go, Minecraft, New MacBook Pros, New Surface, IBM Likes Apple, T-Mobile, & Google Fiber.

 Photo by vm/iStock / Getty Images

Review Code Issue

Incredibles 2 Moves up and Toy Story 4 Slips Back


Don’t Play Skyrim SE on PS4

Nintendo Switch Dates the Details and other Switch News

The Last Guardian is GOLD

Sony Officially Announces Licensed Pro Controllers

PSA: Deals are Coming!

Christina: Skyrim Special Edition
Josh: Battlefield 1
Kaleb: Plants vs Zombies Heroes

JJ Abrams God Particle revealed to be next movie in Cloverfield Universe

Apple unveils TV app

PlayStation Vue now on Android TV

DirecTV to Offer 100 Channel Streaming for $35 a Month

Pokemon Go Plus Supply Update

MineCraft is coming to Apple TV

Apple Announces New Pricer MacBook Pros
Learn all you need in 4 Minutes!

Microsoft Announces New Surface Products
Learn all you need in 9 Minutes!

Microsoft Unveils Free Windows 10 Update for Early 2017: Creators Update

IBM Says Macs are Cheaper over Time than PC’s

T-Mobile to Offer 50% Cash Back on Google Pixel Phones

The High Cost of Fiber and Why the Government Needs to Step in

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