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Parents Press Play & Friends 181: Unnecessary Language

by Kaleb Rutherford
Parents Press Play & Friends 181: Unnecessary Language

Hello and welcome to Parents Press Play & Friends where we talk about unique and interesting topics across gaming, entertainment, and technology for people of all ages. This week, in Episode 182: Unnecessary Language, we are joined by Two Dads.

I am your Host Kaleb Rutherford, @kahleeb on Twitter, and joining me this week is our “Special Guest,” Michael Toller, @blitzz5 on Twitter. On the show, we talk about: Spider-Man Homecoming and selling inappropriate content to Kids, Star Fox 2 Developer Dylan Cuthbert, Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Delayed, PS4 Games come to PlayStation NOW, Digital Game Gifts coming to Xbox, Xbox One X Theory Gains Traction, Stranger Things Season 2 New Teaser, Pokemon GO Turns 1, Apple Quietly Extends Series 0 Warranty, & DirecTV 4K Experience.

Spider-Man Homecoming Talk

Star Fox 2 Developer Excited

The First Big Delay Since E3 2017

PlayStation NOW Gets PS4 Games

Buying Digital Games for Friends on Xbox One

Kaleb’s Xbox One X Theory Gets Rumors to Support it

Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser

Pokemon GO turns 1 year old. What could they have done better?

Apple Quietly Extends Series 0 Apple Watch warranty to 3 years for Back Plate separation

DirecTV 4K Talk

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Until next time, Keep Pressing Play!

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