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We will return soon!

by Kaleb Rutherford
We will return soon!

Hey all! Just wanted to update you on why you haven’t seen a new show from us over the past two weeks. Two weeks ago I was on vacation with my family, my mom, and our “Special Guest” Michael’s family.  I had grand plans to record a special episode that week but he and his family got sick and we were unable to record.

Last week, that same sickness spread over to my family as we traveled home and it eventually took me prisoner and I was unable to record a show this past week.  

Fortunately, everyone is feeling better and we are all recovering. This week, I will be at QuakeCon along with “Mr. Rise Broadband” Derek Smith. We will be recording a special QuakeCon episode of the show.  We are really looking forward seeing the latest from Bethesda on their latest titles and playing some games in the BYOC and hope you will join us with our yearly QuakeCon talk.

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