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This week, in Episode 220: Is That Breakfast Cereal?, we are joined by 2 Dads. I am your Host Kaleb Rutherford, @kahleeb on Twitter, and joining me this week is “Mr. Xbox” Josh Gilmore, @sil3ntv3lcro on Twitter.

On the Show, we talk about: a rumored Disney/Spider-Man deal that didn’t happen after recording, Spider-Man PS4 Game, Developer Insomniac, Loot Crate, Matrix 4, Witcher 3, Game Informer, Final Fantasy VIII Remaster, Dragon Quest XI Demo and shouldn’t all games have demos again?


Welcome to Episode 15 of Parents Press Play. This week, in Best of PAX, we have the two Dads together, with Michael, @blitzz5 on Twitter, stuck in a traffic jam, and discuss the latest in technology, entertainment, and gaming.


This week, Kaleb, @kahleeb on Twitter, and Dan, @ppmoddad on Twitter, talk about the Xbox One release date, the new Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Matchbook, and the best of PAX that Dan saw this year.

We start off the show discussing the Xbox One release date announcement and ponder what is going on over in Redmond…

Next up, Kaleb talks about the new Kindle Paperwhite announcement and who this eReader is for.

He also gives the details on Amazon’s new Kindle Matchbook service.


Finally, the bulk of the show surrounds the Penny Arcade Expo–known as PAX. Dan goes over the best things he saw at the show. The list includes:

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By Kaleb Rutherford


Welcome to Episode 13 of Parents Press Play. This week, in the Return of Trio, we finally see the three Dads return together as a group and discuss their favorite topics.

This week, Kaleb, Dan, & Michael talk about The Disney Movie Club, Saints Row IV, The PlayStation 4 Getting Dated, Launch Window PS4 Games, The Vita and its price drop, and we close out with the Fitbit One.

Michael starts us off this week talking about the Disney Movie Club. We learn how it works and why he loves Blu-ray so much.


Next up, Kaleb talks Saints Row IV and why this is an open world, sandbox, game you should play.


Dan tells us about the PlayStation 4 getting dated for November 15, in North America, and November 29 for Europe. They also revealed the launch window games. The full list includes:

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag (Ubisoft)
Battlefield 4 (EA)
Call of Duty: Ghosts (Activision)
Driveclub (SCE)
FIFA 14 (EA)
Killzone: Shadow Fall (SCE)
Knack (SCE)
Just Dance 2014 (Ubisoft)
LEGO Marvel Superheroes (Warner Bros.)
Madden 25 (EA)
NBA 2K14 (2K Games)
NBA Live (EA)
Need for Speed: Rivals (EA)
Skylanders: Swap Force (Activision)
Watch Dogs (Ubisoft)

The list of Digital only titles includes:
Basement Crawl (Bloober Team)
Blacklight: Retribution (Zombie Studio)
Contrast (Focus Home Interactive)
Counterspy (SCE)
Doki-Doki Universe (SCE)
DC Universe Online (SOE)
Flower (SCE)
Hohokum (SCE)
Minecraft (Mojang)
N++ (Metanet)
Pinball Arcade (Farsight Technologies)
Planetside 2 (SOE)
Pool Nation Extreme (Cherry Pop Games)
ResoGun (SCE)
Super Motherload (Xgen Studios)
Tiny Brains (Spearhead)
Warframe (Digital Extremes)
War Thunder (Gaijin Entertainment)
Guns Of Icarus Online


Next up, we talk about the PlayStation Vita and its $50 price drop in North America and Europe. The memory cards have also been dropped in price by $20 in each memory configuration.


Kaleb ends the show talking about the Fitbit One and how it has changed his life.

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By Kaleb Rutherford